Cedar Siding and Routine Maintenance

img_5301Are you looking into cedar siding? In Baltimore, one group of contractors thinks it would be perfect for their restoration project. Allison Eatough addresses this in a new article titled “Staying in character: Meticulous detail matching kept this historic home true to its roots.”

Eatough writes, “When Ron Hogg contacted ALC Contractors to build a two-story addition and restore the exterior of his historic Victorian-style home in Ellicott City, he had one goal in mind: ‘He wanted to bring the house back to life,’ says Andrew Lohmeyer, ALC owner. Four generations of the Hogg family have lived in the home, which was built in 1912. At times, Hogg also used the home for his law office. But it needed some updates, including a new kitchen, roof and cedar-shingle siding. Hogg also wanted to add a master suite and bathroom on the new second level, as well as a morning room on the first floor, to increase living space.”

While installing your cedar siding is obviously the most important part of a cedar siding project, maintaining the siding is also imperative. Angie Hicks of the Lexington Herald-Leader tries to shed some light on what you can do to maintain your cedar siding in a recent edition of “Ask Angie.”

Hicks notes, “Experts suggest the following routine maintenance for cedar siding:

  • Check for damaged or loose boards; nail down or replace as needed.
  • Wash once a year. A garden hose might be sufficient. Be cautious with power-washing; high pressure can damage wood.
  • Trees and shrubs should be at least 2 feet away.
  • Ensure that gutters are clear and don’t overflow.”

Of course, the best way to maintain your cedar siding is by getting the best cedar siding you can get in the first place. When it comes to cedar siding, we’ve got you covered at Platinum Exteriors NW.

Our cedar siding offers unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that brings warmth, character and longevity to the exterior of residential and commercial structures. You can count on our friendly staff to help you in selecting the many cedar siding options from our large inventory, including knotty or clear grades, clear vertical grain, tongue and groove, semi-smooth, finger-joint and select tight knot. With cedar siding, you receive virtually unlimited versatility and design flexibility in terms of size and profile. This is a truly sustainable building material. Our cedar siding has the lowest environmental impact when compared with other materials.

Whatever cedar siding needs you might have, your best bet is Platinum Exteriors!

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