Downsizing Homes Doesn’t Downsize Importance of Door and Window Installation

winter-windowHave homes seemingly been shrinking to you? It may not be a figment of your imagination. According to The Dallas Morning News, “Homebuyers and builders are beginning to downsize houses to make them more affordable and meet changing lifestyles. The average new home built in the U.S. last year was about 20 square feet smaller than in 2013… New homes on average are still about 25 percent larger than they were in the mid-1990s. And for a few years it looked like the American home would continue to be plus size, with more bedrooms, garages, media rooms and the like.”

Steve Brown of the Dallas Morning News attributes some of these trends to the fact that young, first time homeowners are more likely to opt for smaller homes. He writes, “Those younger buyers say they are not interested in pricey features like outdoor kitchens, media rooms and fireplaces. Dallas-Fort Worth homes have already seen big increases in size and price. ‘From 2010 to 2014, the median new home price in D-FW has climbed from $213,000 to $285,000, an increase of almost 34 percent,’ said Ted Wilson of Residential Strategies Inc. ‘During the first part of the D-FW housing recovery, as mortgage rates declined, very clearly buyers were purchasing more expensive homes with larger square footages.’ Higher construction and land prices have been putting pressure on the cost of a new home in North Texas, Wilson said. ‘As a result, the square footages are flat to down.’”

No matter what size home you opt for, few things will be as important as window and door installations. At Platinum Exteriors, we specialize in these services.

We are a leader and a preferred and trusted window installer—especially when it comes to window replacement. Windows have become a popular home improvements because they upgrade energy efficiency; are environmentally friendly; provide safety, security, and curb appeal; increase property value; and are a smart investment that pays for itself in just a few years. We offer many premium window manufactures and styles to complement any style or age of home.

In addition to windows, we also offer beautiful front entry door systems, decorative sliding patio doors, French doors, and many other entry door units. Every one of our door installations comes complete with a weatherproofing system, which integrates a membrane flashing, sealant, foam insulation, and proper spacing fill to protect your new door system from water and air — and to maintain the highest energy-efficiency rating.

Whatever window and door installation needs you might have, look no further than Platinum Exteriors!

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