For Some Homeowners, Spring Means It’s Time to Prep for Summer

Spring is here, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to prepare for summer. This may seem ridiculous, especially in a country where Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. However, it’s a practical need homeowners must be aware of.

Gremlyn Bradley-Waddell of the Arizona Republic tries to help out homeowners looking for ways to prepare for the summer with a recent article titled “6 easy fixes to get your home ready for summer.”

Bradley-Waddell’s suggestions include beefing up insulation, caulking your windows and weather-stripping your doors, adding a patio misting system, installing ceiling fans, setting up sails and sun shades on the patio, and replacing windows. In terms of replacing the windows, Bradley-Waddell writes, “Today’s energy-efficient, Low-e and double-pane windows are the way to go. ‘There’s a chemical inside the glass that filters out the UV rays and blocks heat so these windows keep your house cooler,’ Gonzalez said, and that helps keep down utility costs as well. They also reduce outside noise, and she said one recent customer, who lives on a busy street and once slept with ear plugs to combat the din, reported that her bedroom was now peacefully “silent” thanks to her new windows. This is not an inexpensive fix, but if your budget allows it, it can really make a positive impact in several ways.”

Dean Mathwig of the Leader Telegram also offers some advice on doors in a recent article titled “New materials warrant another look at patio doors.” Mathwig writes, “Patio doors are one of the most popular features of any home. They provide convenient access while creating unimpeded views that flood interior spaces with natural light. Old-style patio doors were notorious for heat loss, leakage and poor security, but modern doors offer significant improvements. Frames and glass are more energy efficient, many products incorporate multi-point locking mechanisms for better security and sophisticated flashing packages prevent leakage.”

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