Knowing When it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Window ReplacementWe at Platinum Exteriors NW know replacing windows is a major task. Consider a recent story from the New Jersey Herald titled “Stillwater school window project nears completion.”

Greg Watry of the New Jersey Herald writes, “The total cost of the project, including phases one and two, is $566,000. ‘This upgrade is for safety (and) security reasons, as well as energy efficient windows,’ Solar wrote in an email to the New Jersey Herald. The sections of the building being completed are the 1941 upstairs section, the 1966 up and downstairs sections and the 1956 up and downstairs sections. The only section not being completed is the 1988 wing, she said. Solar said the 1988 wing of the school houses the gym and some classrooms. Phase one of the project pertains to the lower level classrooms, while phase two encompasses the upper levels. Solar informed the board that last week, during spring break, workers were able to work from morning until night.”

Considering the cost of a window replacement project, it’s important to know the difference between when it’s time to replace windows and fix them. The Epoch Times takes a look at this in a recent article titled “Window Problems: When to Fix and When to Replace.” In terms of energy bills, the author of the article writes, “Homeowners are quick to blame a faulty furnace for noticeably higher energy bills. But old windows can also contribute to these rising costs. Dated windows, especially those that are not energy-efficient, could be to blame because they are unable to regulate the air in your home. Take a good look at your heating bills for the last six months. If you’re noticing a steady increase—a good estimate to go by is 30 percent—then it could be time to bring in the window experts.”

Once you’ve made your decision and it comes time to replace your windows, your best bet is Platinum Exteriors NW. We are an industry leader and a preferred and trusted window installer, especially when it comes to window replacement, with offices throughout the Northwest. Furthermore, we offer many premium window manufactures and styles to complement any style or age of home. At Platinum Exteriors, we implement the highest rated insulating properties, U values, low-Emissivity (low-E) and overall energy rating on each of our window projects.

Whatever window installation needs you might have, you can’t go wrong with Platinum Exteriors NW!

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