Neighborhood Fire Illustrates the Importance of Getting the Right Siding

page-channel-rustic-1-largeYou never know when an emergency will occur and you’ll need new siding. Consider this story from Richmond, Virginia’s CBS 6 by Sandra Jones, titled “Flames from Northside fire melts siding of neighboring homes.”

Jones writes, “It took firefighters nearly an hour to put out the intense flames at the burned out home in Richmond. ‘I’ve never seen fire take off like that,’ said Zakariyya Zabor. The flames melted the siding of Zabors’ home. ‘I saw the flames from my window and started getting my kids,” said Zabor. “We all came outside.’”

This is clearly an unfortunate and tragic situation. Part of the long process of recovering will include getting new siding, both for the house where the fire started and for the neighbors. There are a number of things to consider when you’re getting new siding for your house. A recent article in the Courier-Journal titled “Need siding? Think fashion-forward ideas & a checklist,” addresses this. The author writes, “Amid shopping for siding with various materials and finishes, people must find one that appears most elegant and looks like it was meant to be a part of the house— while all together resisting the fury of Mother Nature… Now more than ever, people are also switching all the trim work in the house to a darker color than the siding. The endless possibilities of color options allow homeowners to be innovative and express personal style. Heavy blues, concentrated browns, and deep greens have made their mark across the industrial front. The earthy tones allow for a fresh and solid look, while still fusing within the neighborhood tastefully.”

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