Recent Article Details Increasingly Prevalent Roofing Scams

Roofing ScamsUnfortunately, one of the issues that comes with severe weather in certain parts of the country is roofing scams. This is what makes trusted roofers like Platinum Exteriors NW even more important to, not just individual homeowners, but the industry at large. explores roofing scams in a recent article titled “Be cautious of roofing offers after storms.”

Stephanie Diffin of KSDK writes, “With severe weather season comes the opportunity for roof repair scams. So, the Better Business Bureau is warning homeowners to be cautious. The BBB says it hears the same types of complaints after any major storm. Those complaints often come from homeowners who have paid a company to fix their roof, only to have that company never complete the work. One of the BBB’s most recent warnings is about Inex Repair Solutions, which on its website, says it’s based out of Lake St. Louis. ‘We have several people that are just very frustrated that they can’t get ahold of the gentleman that runs the company, and they really don’t know where to turn,’ said BBB Investigator Bill Smith.”

Once you find a trusted roofing company like Platinum Exteriors NW, then you can focus on the priorities for your roofing project. Local Memphis explores some of these priorities in a recent article titled “Angie’s List: Roof Repair.” The author writes, “Replacing a roof is expensive. It could run you $10-20,000 or more. Regular inspections can help you protect your investment, but it is still possible to develop a leak. ‘The two main causes of leaks are generally an elevation change – valleys, walls, ceilings, like that on the roof – and then where non-like materials connect, so your pipe boots, your skylights, your flashing and your wall flashings,’ roofing professional Justin Vorbroker said. While you can’t do anything about the elevation changes, you can make sure that you keep your roof clear of debris from overhanging trees and that your gutter system is in good condition… Even if you do everything right, a storm or an accident could require you to hire a professional. Find three local companies with solid reputations and ask for detailed quotes. Make sure you study each one carefully so you understand the scope of all three bids.”

When it comes to roofing, your best bet is Platinum Exteriors NW. We understand the many aspects of weight tolerance overall installation protocol. With over 20 years’ experience installing quality roofing on homes in the Northwest, we are up to date on green building, modern technology, building codes, ventilation requirements, and ratio of air transmission. We’re also experts in construction defect repair, and water intrusion repair. Our customers have continually trusted us to repair or replace the poor workmanship of other builders and roofing companies. Quite often, we find improper roofing ventilation and lack of integrated flashing entailment to be a primary cause of defective roofing issues. We tailor our process of installing every roofing project to the requirements of the work and the products selected.

Whatever roofing needs you might have, you can trust us at Platinum Exteriors NW!

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