Recent Storms Remind Us to Take a Good Look at Our Roofs

roof-storm-damageOregon has recently been hit with a series of medium-sized earthquakes on the coast and stormy weather closer into the Portland Metro Area and Central Oregon. This uptick in potentially hazardous weather should have many people wondering about the durability of their roofs. For example, consider a recent article from My Central Oregon titled “Recent Lightning Storms Sparked A Few Small Fires.”

According to the article, “The lightning, mostly accompanied by precipitation – heavy in some areas, moved through much of Oregon (western Oregon from south to north, Willamette Valley, Columbia Gorge/northern Oregon, north- and central-eastern Oregon, and central Oregon) during the evening of May 31 and early morning on June 1. As a few examples, the South Cascade District (Linn and western Lane counties) estimates receiving approximately 50 strikes; last night, Douglas Forest Protective Association estimated they received approximately 800 strikes; and dozens of strikes were reported by the Southwest Oregon District in the Josephine County area. Numerous small lightning-start fires were and are still being reported on various forestland ownerships, none of which at this time are near 10 acres or larger, and initial attack of those fire starts has been ongoing since the onset of the lightning.”

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer also offers some advice for these situations to make sure you get the most out of potential repairs in a recent article titled “Avoid post-storm home repair ripoffs: Plain Dealing.” Sheryl Harris of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer offers up a number of suggestions, including taking pictures of all the storm damage beforehand. She writes, “Take pictures or video of all visible damage. You may need photos later. Do what you can to prevent additional damage (water from leaks, etc.) until you can arrange permanent repairs. If you need to hire someone to shore up windows or tarp your roof, save your receipts so you can be reimbursed by your insurer.”

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