Roof Replacements are Booming in Vancouver

repImage1If you’re in Vancouver B.C. and you’re looking into getting your roof replaced, you are certainly not alone. According to Business Vancouver, the roof replacement business is booming. Frank O’Brien of Business Vancouver explores this in a recent article titled “Depreciation reports trigger condo re-roofing boom.”

O’Brien writes, “A fairly recent provincial Strata Property Act amendment requires strata corporations document future maintenance and assure sufficient funds are put aside to cover the work. The resulting depreciation reports are meant to inform consumers of what repairs are required for any strata building. Since depreciation reports were mandated 14 months ago, about 30% of the 30,000 strata corporations in B.C. have completed a report, according to Jeremy Bramwell of Vancouver-based Bramwell & Associates Realty Advisors Inc., which operates one of the largest depreciation report departments in the province. Strata corporations can opt out of the requirement with a 75% vote among members. As well, smaller condo buildings of five or less units are exempt from the legislation. About two-thirds of all B.C. strata corporations are Metro Vancouver condominium buildings, and Bramwell said the ‘larger and more sophisticated’ stratas were the first to complete depreciation reports. Many of them are now moving forward with renovations.”

O’Brien goes on further to discuss the connection the current roofs have with the condominium boom not too long ago. He writes, “A typical roof lasts 20 to 25 years, roughly the age of the first buildings that kicked a Metro Vancouver condominium boom that has apparently never quit. Currently, construction of homes in Metro Vancouver – dominated by multi-family buildings – is worth more than all the resource, manufacturing and industrial construction in the province combined, according to a recent survey done by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies.”

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