Virginia Entrepreneurs Develop Roofing Safety Product

roofing-300x195As people who know the importance of roofing safety from firsthand experience, we at Platinum Exteriors NW were intrigued to hear about a new development in Lynchburg, Virginia. According to WDBJ 7, a group of entrepreneurs recently developed a roofing safety product called the SLATOR.

Tim Saunders of WDBJ 7 writes, “Slate can be tricky to fix.  Since you can’t step on the shingles, Roseveare has to bolt a ladder in place and use it as a walking surface. The task can be accomplished with a variety of clamps, but Roseveare and his friends developed a different solution called the ‘SLATOR.’

“‘The clamping mechanism that we invented secures the ladder so tightly that, in our testing, we broke a ladder trying to take it out of the SLATOR,” Roseveare said. SLATOR stands for ‘Secure Ladder and Tie Off Responsibly’  It’s a ladder clamp that bolts to the roof and allows the user to attach a harness.  The anchor point can support a load of 5,000 pounds, an OSHA requirement. ‘You can put it in the right location, attach a ladder, climb a whole lot further, and have something to tie off to at the same time,’ Roseveare explained.”

According to the article, the product was originally designed for personal use, but associates of the designers recognized it had plenty of potential to help people during commercial roofing projects. By addressing safety concerns, this product can free up the minds of workers to throw themselves entirely into the roofing task at hand.

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