Boston Globe Offers Door Installation Advice

method-of-statement-for-wood-door-installationLike many homeowners, you probably think to yourself, or out loud, what are you gonna do about your doors. Rob Robillard of the Boston Globe looks to provide some help in a new article titled “Advice on new doors, basement insulation, and more.”

A reader writes to Robillard, asking about the best option for replacing six of his doors. He has two options. According to the article, the first option is “Buy new doors mounted in the casing with the hole for the knob/handle precut. Would still have to have all stained and sealed.” The second option is “Buy new doors mounted in the casing that are preprimed white and ready for installation. Baseboard trim would have to be painted white or replaced with ones that match.”

Robillard writes, “ It’s always less expensive to replace a door ‘slab’ than install a new prehung door and jamb unit. You should purchase your doors as blanks, without the knob bore drilled out and hinges cut. To answer your questions directly: Option 1 works with ‘blank doors’ stained and sealed. This allows your carpenter to cut the hinges and knob bore in the exact location it’s needed to match up to the old jamb. Most carpenters use door-installation jibs that allow them to do this. Option 2 requires installing a new door and jamb and changing the trim. With this option you may find yourself cutting into or adding base trim, which risks wall damage and might necessitate painting the walls.”

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