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Allura Siding

Allura Fiber Cement Siding – Confidence That Lasts

Platinum Exteriors is proud to offer Allura fiber cement siding as it is a perfect option if you are looking for a durable and natural exterior siding option with a gorgeous appearance. Allura fiber cement siding offers you the ability to express your style in your home exterior through unlimited color options and authentic and natural wood-grain textures. Allura protects each product in its line with a proprietary sealer and primer which prevents the intrusion of mold, decay, and moisture. At Platinum Exteriors, we strongly agree with Allura’s mission of providing a high quality and exceptional product. Over the years, Allura has gained the confidence of homeowners, builders, contractors and architects through this commitment and consistently delivering a high quality product. Homeowners and designers alike have found Allura fiber cement siding to be a useful material and resource in that it is designed and produced to compliment a wide range of exterior styles and colors. Even better, you can be confident that Allura fiber cement siding is on the forefront of innovation within the industry. This is because Allura is part of the international company Plycem which backs Allura’s products through Elementia, which is a world leader in product innovation and technological solutions in the cement industry. More information about Allura products is available at http://www.allurausa.com/

Engineered to Last a Lifetime

Allura fiber cement siding does not sacrifice design quality or beauty to provide the exceptional durability that cement siding is often known for. This is especially important on the exterior of your house as it is both your main protection against the elements, and the most important aesthetic aspect of your home for the outside world. Allura fiber cement siding is tested and proven to withstand 190 mph hurricane force winds. It also has an A (1) flame spread rating, is highly lightning, hail, and rain resistant. Allura fiber cement siding is also unassailable by birds, termites and other pests and it resists humidity and water damage, along with swelling when it is used with protective underlayment.

Distinct, Authentic and Real

Another amazing feature of Allura fiber cement siding is that it only repeats its pattern once every 48 planks which means a 20 x 24 foot wall will have only a maximum of 2 repeats in its pattern. Furthermore, the highly detailed wood grain patterns are highly pleasing to the eye and will add a distinctive aspect to your home. Allura fiber cement siding features a number of highly accurate reproduction designs like Victorian, craftsman, modern and colonial, each of which is available with a selection of profiles, panels and shakes along with a full line of accessories and trim for your own personal touches. We often recommend Allura fiber cement siding at Platinum Exteriors when homes require the removal of preexisting defective Louisiana Pacific (LP) siding, stucco DRYVIT, stucco EIFS siding and any other failed or defective composition siding. Allura fiber cement siding is also a wonderful option if you seek to update your older home with an attractive appearance while preserving architectural design and reducing the need for maintenance.