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CertainTeed & Crane Lifetime Vinyl Siding

At Platinum Exteriors we offer both Crane lifetime vinyl as well as CertainTeed vinyl siding. We highly recommend both of these products as they are the highest quality vinyl siding products available on the market today. Both of these vinyl siding products require zero painting or staining while also being maintenance free. That definitely seems better than the constant upkeep that wood and composite siding so often requires, doesn’t it? We offer extra-long lengths of both Crane lifetime and CertainTeed vinyl sidings at Platinum Exteriors to give you half of the seams you would normally see on your home which will impart a cleaner, straighter, dignified and beautiful profile to your home. We love that CertainTeed and Crane lifetime vinyl siding is designed to be available with a full rollover hem up to 0.92 inches which provides unparalleled protection and remarkable strength to each siding panel. What’s more, the locking system in CertainTeed vinyl siding secures each panel against wind speeds upwards of 200 mph (that’s equal to a category 5 hurricane) while also making installation a snap! Either Crane lifetime or CertainTeed vinyl siding installed by Platinum Exteriors is an excellent choice if you are looking for siding that is beautiful while being durable and low maintenance for decades.

Trusted Industry Leaders For Over 60 Years

Certainteed Vinyl SidingYou can rest easy in trusting the quality of either CertainTeed vinyl siding or Crane lifetime siding as they have been trusted at the head of the industry for over 60 years as USA based and produced companies, having innovated and perfected some of the first lifetime vinyl siding lines. It’s easy to see why Crane lifetime siding and CertainTeed vinyl siding are our favorite choices in vinyl siding for our clients at Platinum Exteriors. Each product has undergone numerous independent comparison and quality tests and both CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding have been ranked number one for over two decades in the largest and most influential consumer rating and home improvement publications.

CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding is composed of PVC resin which provides a solid base. To prevent the color fading that most vinyl siding is known for CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding is infused with ti2 for high quality color. The engineers at CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding utilize intensive testing to ensure that you receive a quality lasting product. These test vary from color read testing which utilizes a 10,000-watt flash spherical spectrometer to bounce light off of vinyl panels to test for color consistency and match to rigidity and weathering testing to make sure that the panels hold up to the elements. CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding include with their specifications vertical height testing measurements to ensure that your siding maintains the proper thickness and resists impact forces correctly. Lastly, heat strip testing is also done to make sure that the siding panels do not warp or buckle on hot days.

Large Selection of Styles & Options

Our friendly design staff at Platinum Exteriors will help you to choose from a huge selection of available colors and shades of lifetime vinyl siding to help find you the tone that works for you and your home. We can accent or contrast any style of home with the over 20 colors that CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding are available in. In addition to your basic siding needs, at Platinum Exteriors we install a wide variety of exterior cladding components and our helpful and friendly staff will walk you through the boutique decorative accents offered by CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding. These exclusive cladding components include architectural trim for windows, doors and corners, cover eaves and overhangs, and we even offer wide dentil and lineal moldings for craftsman style or older Victorian homes. In addition, CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding and Platinum Exteriors can offer you a variety of siding profiles like historic Dutch, cedar lap style, hand split shake, perfection shingles and vertical siding along with scallops or half-round siding accents. We also provide 3-inch siding panels for a lasting and clean look which will protect you and your family while also requiring zero maintenance. The accent elements available from CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding will stylishly complement the character and architectural beauty of any home or building. We often recommend CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding at Platinum Exteriors when homes require the removal of preexisting defective Louisiana Pacific (LP) siding, stucco EIFS siding and any other failed or defective composition siding. CertainTeed vinyl siding and Crane lifetime vinyl siding is also a wonderful option if you seek to update your older home with an attractive appearance while preserving architectural design and reducing the need for maintenance. Find more information at http://www.certainteed.com/products/vinyl-siding#