Weatherization & Waterproofing

Customized Protective Weatherproofing Systems

Platinum Exteriors specializes in providing customized weatherproofing systems that protect your building or home from water intrusion, dry rot and leaky windows or doors. Our approach is specifically designed to protect your most valuable investments – your home or business. Our services include: Exterior envelope assessment (weatherproofing); window and door installation; installation of exterior cladding materials; removal, disposal and replacement of failed exterior building materials; repair and remediation of damage due to dry rot; and much, much more. Among the products we use to protect your investment:


In the 1960s, this company invented the modern weather-resistive barrier with Jumbo Tex® asphalt saturated kraft. Fortifiber combined its expertise in modern weather-resistive barriers with its advancements in window flashing to create a thorough moisture control system for walls. The company launched WeatherSmart® housewrap in 2006. Their flexible flashing products have set the industry standard for materials that are effective in protecting doors, windows and other areas from water intrusion. Find more information on Fortifiber at

DuPont™ Tyvek®

Discovered by a DuPont researcher in 1955, DuPont™ Tyvek® combines the most desirable aspects of film, paper and fabric to create a multi-use substrate that can deliver unparalleled survivability, toughness and ease of application. Absorbs next to no moisture, with liquids easily running off its surface. More elastic than paper, which allows for deeper embossing without fracturing. Manufactured from an environmentally responsible material, Tyvek is100% recyclable. Find more information on Dupont Tyvek here.

DuPont™ Tyvek® CommercialWrap®

Offering energy efficiency and durability, this water and air barrier can survive the most rigorous demands of commercial job sites. Provides as many as nine months of UV resistance. Controls air leakage, prevents water infiltration and permits water vapor to escape, which lets wall systems dry and reduces the possibility of mold growth. Improves building performance throughout the changing of all four seasons, as well as across a wide variety of climates and temperatures. Find more information on DuPont Tyvek CommercialWrap here.

DuPont™ Tyvek® CommercialWrap® D

Designed for superior moisture control and drainage, this weather barrier contains vertical grooves that allow for greater drainage for commercial construction jobs in wet locales, meeting the demands of windblown water, heavy rainstorms, humidity and snow. A superb combination of air infiltration, exfiltration control, vapor permeability and bulk water holdout. Backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. Find more information on Dupont Tyvek CommercialWrap D here.

DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™

Engineered for improved drainage, this moisture barrier features a vertically grooved surface which facilitates channeling bulk water away from the wall assembly. When compared to other textured moisture barriers, Tyvek® DrainWrap™ proves superior in tests where bulk water was directed between a flat acrylic surface and the moisture barrier. When measured against Grade D building paper and #15 felt, Tyvek® DrainWrapTM again offers superior, consistent performance. Pliable, simple to install and wraps around corners with ease. 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Find more information on Dupont Tyvek DrainWrap here.

DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap®

The original house wrap, using unique material science that blocks air and water, while releasing water vapor to prevent mold and rot within walls. Unlike other perforated house wraps, the unique nonwoven structure of Tyvek® HomeWrap® allows for breathability. This facilitates drying in wall systems, which guards against mold and water damage. Tyvek® HomeWrap® also blocks air movement through the walls, so that insulation can perform nearer to its ideal R-value. The result? A more energy-efficient home. 10-year limited warranty from DuPont™. Find more information on DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap here.


This designer and manufacturer of high-performance, vapor-permeable water resistive barriers (WRBs) and air barriers (Abs) has succeeded in creating an encompassing, solution-based approach to guarding the building envelope. Product features include membranes with integrated tape, fluid-applied flashing for unfinished openings, WRB sealant and other accessories – all of which maximize protection and minimize failure rates. Can be installed in all weather conditions. Phase-construction friendly. Find more information on VaproShield here.

Henry Blueskin® WP 200 Waterproofing Membrane

A self-adhering composite membrane made of SBS rubberized asphalt compound that is laminated to a blue, high-density polyethylene film. Especially designed for self-adhering to a prepared substrate, this membrane serves as a high-performance waterproofing barrier. Flexible at lower temperatures. No flame needed. Low- to no-odor while being applied. Find more information on Henry Blueskin WP200 Waterproofing membrane here.

Henry Blueskin® WP 100 Basic Waterproofing Membrane

Manufactured similarly to the WP 200 barrier, above, the WP 100 Basic Membrane is especially suited for self-adhering to masonry or prepared concrete substrates, providing a waterproofing barrier that can be used below grade. Factory controlled thickness. No odor or VOCs. Find more information on Henry Blueskin WP100 Basic Waterproofing membrane here.

Cosella-Dörken Products

One of the leaders in the North American construction materials market, this company manufactures products under the trusted DELTA® brand name. The company’s product lines include drainage systems; foundation damp-proofing, waterproofing and protection membranes; water-resistive barriers, roofing membranes, air barrier membranes, vapor barriers and ventilated rain screens for the building envelope; garden sheets; covering and scaffolding tarpaulins; and more. Find more information on our Cosella-Dorken products here.


Premium, 3-layer, class A fire-rated vapor permeable Water Resistive Barrier that permits moisture within the building envelope to escape. Highly permeable, watertight and air tight, this is an ideal water-and air-resistive membrane for energy efficient projects. Protects against wind-driven snow and rain while also providing a drainage plane to direct water toward the exterior of the building. Find more information on Delta-Vent S here.


This premium, three-ply barrier is extremely vapor permeable, firmly self-adhering and water-tight. It is the only self-adhering water- and air-resistive barrier with a self-adhesive edge lap for increased security. Eliminates leaks at fasteners while improving performance of the building enclosure with greater air-tightness. Easily exceeds the most exacting requirements of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABBA) and of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC 2010). Passes ASTM D 1970 Nail Sealability test for sealing around fasteners. Class A fire-rated. Find more information on Delta-Vent SA here.


Engineered for use in cladding systems that contain open joints as wide as 2” (50 mm) which expose as much as 40% of the total façade surface. Extremely tear resistant and highly vapor permeable. Superior stability against UV light eliminates the need to double up on the membrane or to add sacrificial layers. The only ultra-violet stable water-resistive barrier that has tested and passed ICC-AC38. Class A fire-rated. Performance not affected by surfactants. Find more information on Delta-Fassade S here.

GreenGuard® RainDrop® 3D Building Wrap

A cross-woven, non-perforated polyolefin material that also has a permeable polyolefin coating. Produced in rolls of varying sizes, this material is an ideal secondary weather barrier for use with fiber cement siding, draining moisture and leaving space for the movement of air. Unlike crinkled or embossed drainage wraps, RainDrop®’s drainage channels do not collapse when siding is nailed tight. The addition of a DC14 Drainage Mat provides even greater air movement and drainage. GreenGuard®, a division of Pactiv LLC, joined Kingspan Insulation in 2014. GreenGuard® products, which have been manufactured in America since 1982, help to meet Green Building requirements, resulting in more durable, healthier and cost-efficient buildings. Find more information on GreenGuard RainDrop 3D Building Wrap here.

GreenGuard® Flashing

Building openings such as doors, windows and pipe or vent penetrations, as well as joining areas found in decks, roofs and porches, all require an application of flashing in order to keep water out of walls. GreenGuard® Standard Flashing is a self–adhering flashing membrane made of a polyolefin film and a rubber–modified asphalt adhesive. Find more information on GreenGuard Flashing here.