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Cedar Siding

Cedar Siding is unique as a natural siding material for both commercial and residential buildings in that it has exceptional performance, lifespan and a famous warm beauty. The approachable and friendly staff at Platinum Exteriors will be happy to help you in selecting the variety of Cedar which works best for your project. We provide many options of Cedar siding with knotty or clear grades, tongue and groove, finger-joint, clear vertical grain, and select tight knot. We love the design flexibility and the versatility that Cedar siding offers in the variety of sizes and profiles available. Natural Cedar siding is excellent at resisting moisture, insects, and decay which has made it a legendary building material for all aspects of homebuilding for both its utility and longevity. Cedar siding has the lowest environmental impact of any siding material. We utilize only independently certified sustainable Cedar siding harvested legally from managed forests to ensure that we leave the environment unharmed. Find more on cedar siding at www.cedarsidinginc.com

Simply Beautiful

Beautiful Cedar SidingCedar siding in its luscious grain, color and texture, provides timeless character to any architectural design that always has been and always will be attractive. Both traditional and contemporary homes benefit greatly from Cedar sidings’ beauty as well as the lasting value and enjoyment that it brings. The deep, warm and comforting tones ranging from light amber to deep brown of Cedar siding combines with its wonderfully visceral grain to make any place feel like home. At Platinum Exteriors, we offer semi-transparent or solid stains to bring out the color and texture of the wonderful wood which is either pre-painted or applied when we install it for you.

Great Qualities

Cedar siding can assist in keeping your building or home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while also providing excellent soundproofing qualities. Our Cedar siding at Platinum Exteriors has a wonderful capability for holding and retaining a variety of finishes and treatments. Cedar siding is remarkably dimensionally stable and its fine texture and lack of resins and pitch prevent the repelling of such coatings. We offer a wide variety of Cedar siding styles and options such as Lap siding, Shake and Shingles, Shakertown, Channel, T-1-11 panel, Bevel, Vertical, Dutchlap, BreckinRidge panel sidings and many more. Platinum Exteriors strongly recommends that you use on grade A 1st rate milled Cedar siding on every project because there is a remarkable difference in quality and durability when compared to the lower grades of Cedar siding. This is especially true in the rainy Pacific Northwest.