Decking Contractor

Deck ConstructionOur friendly and knowledgeable staff at Platinum Exteriors has years of experience in planning, designing and building custom decks, in addition to repair of all aspects of your existing decking. Platinum Exteriors specializes in providing long-term solutions for your decking needs. We will work with you to find the right product for your needs, from natural wood to certified environmental options, with color and trim details which will best accent your home and nearby landscaping. At Platinum Exteriors, we start decking projects with a pressure treated support system with concrete footings which ensure safety and exceptional structural stability. Platinum Exteriors takes pride in utilizing comprehensive waterproofing methods to ensure an extended life span for your deck. We take a variety of necessary steps on every project, including properly integrating flashing at the flanging frame plate, using the highest quality screw down fasteners for long term protection, and expertly executing siding-to-wall intersections.

At Platinum Exteriors, we offer a variety of decking and hardware to meet your specific needs. We install TimberTech, Fiberon composite and Trex brands of decking and offer maintenance-free pre-colored or stained finished. With these decking materials, we also offer special mounting systems with hidden fasteners and other technologies. We bring out the beauty of Real Cedar or TigerWood decking by applying advanced stains or clear sealants that help to heighten and preserve the true colors of the wood. Platinum Exteriors offers and installs Westcoat ALX, DecTec, DuraDeck, and other premium waterproofing deck coating systems. For each aspect of your decking project, Platinum Exteriors seeks to provide options and expert installation which are customized to your needs.

At Platinum Exteriors we have extensive training in applying the proper building code requirements and safety guidelines when replacing your deck. We can even do this when building a new decking integration system as a part of your existing structure. High quality materials and installation techniques, along with long-lasting safety are our key goals. Platinum Exteriors always seeks to provide peace of mind with our projects. So, when it comes to your deck, we offer only the finest materials and accent trim available, at a fair price. Please bear in mind that any decking product, no matter the quality, can and will fail if it is not installed correctly. If manufacturer specifications are not met, serious safety hazards can occur. Since decks are an extension of your home, and are often attached to it, proper waterproofing, staging, and flashing systems are of the utmost importance and will guarantee a satisfactory product which will last for decades.

At Platinum Exteriors, we take pride in treating each of our projects as our only project. We are often trusted to assess and correct construction defects stemming from mistakes and improper installation of your exterior envelope components. In some cases, a completely new decking system has to be installed. A decking project from Platinum Exteriors will increase the value of your home and provide lasting beauty for your family and guest for years to come, whether you choose Fiberon IPE, Trex, Timber Tech, DuraTec, DuraDeck, Westcoat ALX, TigerWood, or Real Cedar decking. Please do not hesitate to contact Platinum Exteriors for a free consultations relating to any of your decking needs, from products, full decking systems, or installation requirements.


Fiberon DeckIn the world of PVC and composite decking and railing, Fiberon, The Decking Solutions Company, is an innovation leader in both manufacturing and development, having advanced technology since their founding in 1997. Fiberon offers decking and railing products which extend the beauty of indoor design to the relaxed lifestyle we all look for in our backyards. Fiberon has an unequaled reputation for high quality performance with a wide variety of choices in color, grain patterns, and designs in their railing and decking products. Fiberon offers some of the best and widest selection of decking materials products in the business


TigerWood DeckTigerwood is and exotic hardwood known by many names such as Goncalo Alves, Muiracatiara and Brazilian Koa. It is known to be one of the best available flooring hardwood. Since it is a hardwood, varying in color between light golden-brown to a reddish brown, with streaks of darker brown and black, Tigerwood is naturally rot and decay resistant, offering a lifespan greater than 25 years with no additional preservatives. At Platinum Exteriors, our Tigerwood decking is responsibly and sustainably harvested from managed forest land to ensure its availability as a renewable resource. When compared to traditional teak, Tigerwood is vastly superior, with a lower cost in addition to its higher level of durability and beauty.


TimberTech DeckTimberTech is a wonderful product which holds its color and beauty for many years without any additional upkeep, or even an initial stain or sealing. There is never any worry over replacing insect-damaged or rotten boards. In the long run, this can save you a great deal of time, money and headache when it comes to your deck or fence. TimberTech allows you to focus on maximum enjoyment of your decking system without the worry of maintenance.

Real Cedar

Real Cedar DeckWestern Red Cedar is a loved and time-honored wood. It connects us to the earliest settlers of the Pacific Northwest and helps us connect with the wonderful outdoors all over the region. The natural qualities of Red Cedar make it a perfect all-weather building material. It is naturally able to repel water and is therefore resistant to moisture damage. Since it swells and shrinks less than half as much as other softwoods, causing it to lie flat and straight and retaining fasteners, providing a strong base for both paints and stains, Real Cedar offers peace of minds. These qualities minimize maintenance and save you money in the long run. Construction of decking with Real Cedar is building with the future in mind. What’s more, Real Cedar is gorgeous and its rich natural texture, color and grain will blend well with your natural home surroundings, while bringing you pride and prestige.