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Trusted Roofing Company

In recent years, the appearance, functionality, and quality of roofing materials has progressed by leaps and bounds because of significant steps forward in technology as well as the fields of building science and integral engineering development. In our field, composition roofing is often divided into two groups: dimensional shingles and laminated architectural roofing. At Platinum Exteriors we specialize in the cutting edge of roofing by utilizing architectural composition and metal roofing styles.

Quality Products

Platinum Exteriors RoofingAt Platinum Exteriors, we are proud to offer and install all major roofing brands for our customers including the full CertainTeed premium line (Grand Manor, Centennial Slate, Presidential, Presidential TL, Landmark, and Landmark TL) and the Owens Corning premium roofing line (Oakridge, Duration and Woodmar). Our personable and knowledgeable staff and roofing craftspeople will help you to select the right composition roofing shingles for you.

At Platinum Exteriors, we take cedar shake roofing seriously, with top craftspeople personally handling each project. We’ll take special care with your roof, and the rest of your home, whenever we make modifications or replacements to your cedar shake roof. Our wide variety of roofing systems makes choosing your ideal style a breeze, no matter your budget. We are experts in the highest quality brands, including featured CertainTeed products (including Presidential TL and Landmark TL). High quality materials mean longer lasting results – our roofs are expected to last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and reasonable weather conditions. Your roof is important – trust us to replace it, modify it, or maintain it.

Experienced Roofers

When installing roofing, there are a lot of factors in play. At Platinum Exteriors, we understand how to manage weight distributions, to utilize updates in the latest technologies, and to emphasize sustainability. We’ll make sure that your ventilation systems are properly calibrated and that your roof is completely waterproof – no leaks means greater peace of mind. Whether we are fixing defects created during the construction process or securing your roofing during routine maintenance, we’ll make sure that you receive only the best workmanship, the highest quality products, and more reliable customer service.

In our many years in the field of roof repair and installation, Platinum Exteriors has acquired extensive experience and continuous training in proper installation techniques and codes to guarantee the moisture protection of your building. Our team will make sure that your roof is properly installed perfectly with code compliance and lasting protection to leave you with years of peace of mind.

Platinum Exteriors goes above and beyond in our installation of your roof. We’ll make sure that your roof is prepared for every weather condition, includes in-depth caulking and sealing for your entire roofing infrastructure. Our unique emphasis on waterproofing is designed to ensure protection from all types of water intrusion – the most common problem we see in the Pacific Northwest.  We only offer premium roofing and waterproofing products, and our experts will be happy to walk you through the entire process and explain each material to you in detail. Platinum Exteriors will work quickly to eliminate any construction defects you may be encountering. We prevent and avoid these issues in our own work through careful adherence to both code requirements and our extensive internal building and safety protocols.

At Platinum Exteriors we have a team of the best local project managers, restoration specialists, accredited trade professionals, dry-rot and framing carpenters and installations teams. All of our team is highly trained and will provide you with the best craftsmanship and customer service possible. Please do not hesitate to contact Platinum Exteriors for any of your roofing projects and emergencies whether it is the removal of LP, Stucco EIFS or DRYVIT siding, the replacement of stucco, windows or decking, as well as any other construction defects you may need remediated or repaired.