Denver Court to Tackle Construction Defect Legislation

Construction defects are a major hot button issue across the United States. Who is responsible? What constitutes a legitimate claim? Are suits halting the development of apartment complexes and other residential buildings? People all over are asking these questions more and more. One place where this debate is heating up in particular is Denver.

John Aguilar of the Denver Post takes a look at this in a recent article titled “Construction-defects reform bill introduced in Colorado Senate.” Aguilar writes, “A bipartisan group of legislators gathered at the Yale light-rail station in Denver to announce the introduction of Senate Bill 177. ‘We know there are people crying to get into (condos) and they’re simply not available,’ said Sen. Mark Scheffel, a Republican co-sponsor of the bill. Reform advocates contend that the condo market has dried up in Colorado because construction-defects law has increased the liability — along with insurance premiums — for builders to the point where owner-occupied multifamily projects are not viable. According to the market research firm Metrostudy, condos accounted for more than 20 percent of all housing starts (more than 4,000 units) in late 2005 but only 3 percent through most of 2014.”

Aguilar goes on to address specific details of the bill. He writes, “SB 177 would make mediation or arbitration the preferred method of dispute resolution and would require that a majority of all homeowners in a condo or homeowners association approve any legal action before it is taken. Specifically, it would bar homeowner associations from removing mediation or arbitration from the declaration documents in order to open up the possibility of a lawsuit instead. But those opposed to the bill say state law is not to blame for the condo slowdown. They say the shift from home ownership to apartment rentals is the result of natural market forces at play.”

At Platinum Exteriors NW, we’re taking a close look at how this and similar cases play out across the country. Ultimately, however, our main concern is righting the wrong of construction defects for our customers.

We specialize in exterior construction defect repair, water intrusion repair and remediation. When it comes to construction defects, they are typically design flaws and building mistakes that affect the structure of the building — with the most common tell-tale signs being water intrusion, moisture intrusion, dry-rot and mold growth. They reduce the value of your home or building, and in some cases can be dangerous for occupancy.

At Platinum Exteriors NW, we take all the appropriate and necessary steps to address construction-defect repair and to correct these mistakes. Our team has years of experience in leak repair, water damage repair, water intrusion repair, tenant improvements, siding replacement, windows, doors, roofing, stone/brickwork, decking, weather resistant barriers, integration of flashing details and other building envelope materials replacement. Our accredited staff consists of some of the nation’s foremost waterproofing and building science experts, many with numerous certifications.

Whatever construction defect repair needs you might have, you can’t go wrong with Platinum Exteriors NW!

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