Taking Care of Your Vinyl Siding

Vinyl SidingAre you looking into vinyl siding for your home? If you have questions about vinyl siding, recent articles published by the Burlington Free Press and the Courier Journal might give you some insight into your decision.

First, Henri De Marne of the Burlington Free Press addresses vinyl siding in a recent article titled “Stowe reader has question about vinyl siding.” A reader asks if it is alright to paint 50 year old vinyl siding on a 150 year old house. Marne answers, “Yes, vinyl siding can be painted. It should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any pollutants, including mildew. This is best done by hand, as pressure-washing can result in water penetration behind the siding… Vinyl siding is formulated with a certain coefficient of heat absorption, and since your vinyl siding is white, you will need to stick to white or a very light color to prevent your siding from buckling or warping. White is the safest. You should also apply the paint in the coldest weather the paint manufacturer recommends because, if you wait for warmer weather, the siding will expand, and when it shrinks again in colder weather, you’ll see unpainted areas at all joints.”

Meanwhile, the Courier Journal takes a look at siding in a recent article titled “Spring cleaning — vinyl siding.” The author of the article writes, “This siding is also exceptionally low-maintenance with regards to cleaning. A homeowner needs only to use water to spray off any stains, and the colors stay as vibrant as when first installed. According to a representative from the DIY Network, the most efficient way to clean vinyl siding is with a pressure washer from an equipment-rental center, which can be rented locally for $50 to $75 per day. However, if you don’t want to spend the money on a pressure washer, there are other homemade methods useful in getting your home looking spruced up for spring. One of the most popular alternatives to power washing your siding is detergent, bleach and water. If your white siding is beginning to look a little green, then this is the route you want to go, as it is very powerful against mildew and mold. Always use caution when dealing with a harsh chemical like bleach.”

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