The Latest in Construction Defect Law News in Denver

Construction defect laws are becoming the subject of major legal decisions in states throughout the U.S. For example, in Lone Tree, the Lone Tree City Council recently passed its latest construction defect ordinance, according to the Denver Business Journal.

According to Molly Armbrister of the Denver Business Journal, “Lone Tree is now the second suburb of Denver to take up an ordinance changing the way the state’s construction-defects law works within city limits. Since passing its ordinance last fall, Lakewood has been the center of questions about how far home rule city can go in passing ordinances that differ state law.”

She says the ordinance would do a number of things, including “Add a new article to the city’s building codes that applies to construction defects that do not conform to the building code or to manufacturer specifications, if they are more stringent than the building code” and “Require the builder, which can include builders, architects, developers, contractors, subcontractors and engineers, to respond to the homeowner or HOA’s claim within 14 days of receiving it or forfeit the protections of the ordinance. The builder must also provide copies of plans and other relevant documents upon request.”

For people wondering if taking legal action is the right step for them in a case of construction defects, WTVY 4 tries to answer some questions in a recent article titled “Legal Matters: Construction Defects.” The author writes, “A house is generally a homeowners’ single most valuable financial investment and one of the most important emotional investments. To them it is more than bricks and mortar; it is the place where they live, rest, and raise their families. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting homeowners realize their new homes suffer from some type of construction defect that will cost thousands of dollars to repair, depreciate the value of their home, or force them to leave their home. Construction defects cover a broad spectrum from minor problems like popped nails and peeling paint to situations when a house must be bulldozed. Some cases involve leaky windows that have led to toxic-mold contamination. Other problems include faulty design, code violations, cracked foundations, substandard workmanship, and unsafe structures.”

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