Don’t Wait to Weatherproof Your Home

Rain Home WaterproofingAs a homeowner, one of the surprises you don’t want to encounter is the realization that you need to weatherproof your home, most likely, because of significant weather damage. To exemplify this point, consider a recent article for KAKE News titled “Basements leaking from too much rain.”

Chris Frank of KAKE News writes, “But parts of Kansas are getting so much rain that many homeowners are encountering leaky basements. Basement repair contractors like Steve Hunter of Hunter & Son Foundation Repair Contractors in Wichita are getting flooded with calls. Hunter says, ‘We’re getting over 80 calls a day and it’s just difficult to keep up with all the calls we’re receiving.’ ‘We’re having basements that never leaked before that are now leaking. Basements that have been leaking are leaking worse than they ever leaked before. So there’s a lot of damage occurring in houses right now.’ ‘It’s too much rain in a short period of time. So the ground’s not allowed to dry out. So when that occurs, what happens, this water is building up pressure. It’s called hydro-static pressure. And it’s being forced into areas that may not be forced into.’”

Even if you’re not faced with leaks or some other immediate weather related threat to your home, weatherproofing your home is generally a good investment because you never know when the unexpected can occur. The Jessamine Journal takes a look at things you can do to help improve your home for the summer weather in a recent article titled “Stay green, cool despite the summer temps.” One suggestion provided by Amanda Wheeler of the Jessamine Journal, not surprisingly, is weatherproofing your house. She writes, “ If you have older windows, sealing them will help keep cool air in and hot air out. This will help with the cooling efficiency of your home. Your electric company probably offers at least educational materials on how to weatherproof your home, and it might even provide weather-proofing assistance.”

If you’re in the Northwest and looking to weatherproof your home, you can’t go wrong with Platinum Exteriors NW. We provide customized weatherproofing systems that protect your building or home from water intrusion, dry rot, and leaky windows or doors. We are specifically focused on protecting your most valuable investments – your home and/or business. Some of our services include: exterior envelope assessment (weatherproofing); window and door installation; installation of exterior cladding materials; removal, disposal and replacement of failed exterior building materials; repair and remediation of damage due to dry rot; and much, much more.

Whatever weatherization needs you might have, look no further than Platinum Exteriors NW!

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